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Framing Lincancabur

in collaboration with Dasha Cheremisina

temporary site installation, Atacama Desert, 2023

Made from locally found materials – steel posts, plastic tube and connectors, rope and rocks


The Lincancabur Volcano is located between Chile and Bolivia and is seen from the Atacama Desert. The presence of this land mark is strong and reassuring and gave birth to many local stories and myths.

The Atacameños say that volcanoes are ancient warriors, and hills are beautiful maidens. The father is the elder Lascar, the most active volcano of the Andes, and among his sons are Licancabur and Juriques, noted for their strength and bravery. According to the legend, both brothers fell in love with their neighbor called Quimal, the most beautiful maiden in the desert. When she gave her heart to Licancabur, Juriques was enraged and confronted his brother who, in response, decapitated him. Since then, Juriques is called the Beheaded One. As punishment, Lascar banished Quimal, separating her from her lover by a sea of salt. Today, visitors to San Pedro can see the brothers standing erect alongside the town, and on the other side of the Salar de Atacama, the sad Quimal. However, every twenty-first of June the lovers meet again. At dawn, the shadow of Licancabur travels through the entire valley until it reaches Quimal’s summit, wrapping her completely and sheltering her once again.

All photographs are by Dasha Cheremisina
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